Senior 3D Artists at KIRT x THOMSEN. I was primarily involved in designing and executing a GE sustainable vision toward the brand's broader green energy future. 
Short animation. Made with Blender (EEVEE) and Resolve
Sharing one of the animations we did at KirtxThomsen for the Floating Powerplant. Made in Blender and AE Effects.
Steam factory animation loop for KirtxThomsen I made in Blender, StormFX and Davinci Resolve.
Loop for Familia DDD 3D print flower/plant pot.
Grasshopper explorations, rendered with Keyshot.
Morph exploration. Torus and Hyperboloid subtracted from a cylinder.
Blender 2.8 + Keyshot
Modo 12 + Keyshot
Work made for Stian Ådlandsvik 
Rhinoceros + Keyshot + Photoshop

I have been experimenting  with a model that I prototyped and printed few months ago. My idea of my routines delineated by the same walk everyday. It seems I traveled 12000 km to change 1200 meters. These are the 6 facades that I recall more from my morning routines here in Oslo. 
Abstract. Made in Rhino and rendered with Keyshot. Postproduction in Photoshop
Self-made HDR [environment map], composed in Adobe Photoshop and rendered in Modo
                                    Animation experiment. Modeled in Rhinoceros and animated in Keyshot. 
Design exercise, migrating Nokia look and feel from early 2007 to a household item. Model in Rhinoceros 3D and render in Vray
Imsdal bottle concept based on the idea of a 'shared experience' [the bottle includes two cups]. Model in Rhinoceros 3D and render in Keyshot
Sci-Fi moon truck I designed. Model and render in Modo
Early stages in my  ID experience as a student in Bs.As, Gardener kit for kindergartens located at the suburbs of my city. Modeled in Rhinoceros and render in Vray
Screw and glue - less furniture. The design came from the pursuit of stability and balance without the need of any physical or chemical unions. Model and render in Modo.
Furniture based on 1 pallet. Model and render in Modo, PS for post-production. Work selected by SUME contest in 2012, Bs.As. ARG
The Design of these models is coming from different furniture retailers. I modeled in Modo 3D software based on pictures. Samples made over my years working for
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