Grasshopper explorations, rendered with Keyshot.
Morph exploration. Torus and Hyperboloid subtracted from a cylinder.
Blender 2.8 + Keyshot
Modo 12 + Keyshot
Work made for Stian Ådlandsvik 
Rhinoceros + Keyshot + Photoshop

I have been experimenting  with a model that I prototyped and printed few months ago. My idea of my routines delineated by the same walk everyday. It seems I traveled 12000 km to change 1200 meters. These are the 6 facades that I recall more from my morning routines here in Oslo. 
Abstract. Made in Rhino and rendered with Keyshot. Postproduction in Photoshop
Self-made HDR [environment map], composed in Adobe Photoshop and rendered in Modo
                                    Animation experiment. Modeled in Rhinoceros and animated in Keyshot. 
Design exercise, migrating Nokia look and feel from early 2007 to a household item. Model in Rhinoceros 3D and render in Vray
Imsdal bottle concept based on the idea of a 'shared experience' [the bottle includes two cups]. Model in Rhinoceros 3D and render in Keyshot
Sci-Fi moon truck I designed. Model and render in Modo
Early stages in my  ID experience as a student in Bs.As, Gardener kit for kindergartens located at the suburbs of my city. Modeled in Rhinoceros and render in Vray
Screw and glue - less furniture. The design came from the pursuit of stability and balance without the need of any physical or chemical unions. Model and render in Modo.
Furniture based on 1 pallet. Model and render in Modo, PS for post-production. Work selected by SUME contest in 2012, Bs.As. ARG
The Design of these models is coming from different furniture retailers. I modeled in Modo 3D software based on pictures. Samples made over my years working for
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